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Present is the beginnings of a set of MVVM libraries, classes, behaviours anything but a framework :). It's focus will be providing composable sets of functionality that I have not found available elsewhere or have had to adopt a full framework to get the benefits. The aim is to ensure as few dependencies (external and internal) so that each component can be easily added into a project without having to fully subscribe to the whole.


A contributor based validation framework. The initial contributor is an attribute based (DataAnnotations) contributor. Others can easily be built for products like the EntLib Validation or NHibnerate validation.
The main benefit is that it recognises broken bindings (where the user has entered an incorrect data type) and conveys that information to the View Model
more info here



A set of a commands and command decorators that allows the composition of command behaviour through a fluent interface.<br>
Some Example Decorators

Schedule Decorator

Schedules any command to run Every time period.
Schedule can be disabled and enabled

Async Command

Runs Actions asynchronously


Coming Soon.

A dialog service that abstracts access to PopUp dialogs based on

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